Finally You Can Download Kakao Talk for PC

Finally You Can Download Kakao Talk for PC

Kakao talk for pc: Yes! Finally you can download kakaotalk for pc, desktop, windows xp, vista, 7 and win 8.

App features for PC are:

  1. Share files with your friends: Send documents, videos, images, audio or compressed files from your PC(up to 100MB/file) and view on both PC and mobile. (You can only receive files via KakaoTalk for Mac.)
  2. Chatting Excel-style: Transform your chatroom to resemble an Excel spreadsheet. Change the font and text sizes to your liking.
  3. Talk discreetly: Adjust the opacity of your chatroom for privacy. You can set the opacity for each chatroom or apply one setting to all.
  4. Log out remotely: Forgot to log out from KakaoTalk PC? From KakaoTalk Mobile, go to More > Settings > PC Version to log out of your PC activity.
  5. Lock your chats: If you share your computer or want to securely step away from your chats, the lock mode for KakaoTalk PC keeps your chats password-protected.
  6. Free call on desktop: You can now enjoy free calls and group calls with your friends on your desktop! Call your friends wherever and whenever for FREE! (Only available for KakaoTalk PC.)

Here is the link to download kakao talk for pc

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