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Kakao Plans To Bring Music Curation App for KakaoTalk Users

KakaoTalk is the most widely used messaging app in South Korea and recently the company has announced that it will be introducing a new feature to the chat rooms. Users in the chat room will be able to access the

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KakaoTalk is making laws!

The lawmakers of South Korea are now using KakaoTalk to propose bills via the official chat room that the Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) has exclusively for bill proposing. All the party members and lawmakers are registered on this chat

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Download KakaoTalk and Enjoy your Favorite Music with Kakao Melon

Just like other messages and chatting apps, KakaoTalk is trying to present its users with brand new features that may sit the app apart from the other apps. While KakaoTalk shares multiple characteristics with other similar famous apps, introducing music

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Kakao Talk for OnePlus X

Looking at the design and the entire build of OnePlus X Smartphone, it is just an enticing phone you cannot afford to have. The problem however is that even as good as the phone is, OnePlus Company (the manufacturer) makes

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Kakao Apps for the new Samsung Galaxy S9

Last year, Samsung had to deal with the debacle of the Note 7 situation, and did so by launching the Galaxy S8. This was, by far, one of the best Samsung products ever made, as well as one of 2017’s

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KakaoTalk Dropped Windows Phone Support

Introduced in March of 2010, KakaoTalk is a free messenger app for mobile phones that instantly became a huge hit in Korea. Of the roughly 43 million smart phone owners in Korea, it was said that nearly 95% of them

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