Download Kakao Talk 5.2.1 and enjoy new features and fixes

Download Kakao Talk 5.2.1 and enjoy new features and fixes

Download Kakao Talk 5.2.1; the latest version from Kakao Company. Let’s talk about the KakaoTalk world. At some point in our life there will be times that we need to be away from our loved ones that is why text messages and calls have been made to help us connect to them in some ways. Though technology have provided us the means of how to connect with them, technology made it better by providing a free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones with a variety of features.

KakaoTalk is one of them which works with iOS, Android, Bada OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha and Personal Computer. KakaoTalk is popularly known in South Korea, 93% of smartphone owners in South Korea are using KakaoTalk. Its popularity does not end there because KakaoTalk has 140 million users and is available in 15 languages.

I’ll walk you through some of the features that has captured the hearts of many users of KakaoTalk 5.2.1. The following are some of those:

  • Free Call and Messages
  • Group Chats: Send one message to different people at once.
  • Synchronizes Contact list: Less hassle because KakaoTalk would automatically synchronize your contacts.
  • Multimedia messaging: Send photos, locations, videos, contact info, voice notes.
  • Stickers and animated emoticons: Conversations are made fun with stickers and emoticons.
  • Schedule and Vote: Planning a vacation with your family or a meeting is made easier with KakaoTalk because it provides a poll for you to plan with everyone.
  • Plus Friend: KakaoTalk wouldn’t want for you to miss a single thing about something that you love because it will give you update of your favorite band, celebrity and many more.
  • Gift Shop: You won’t miss a single occasion because in KakaoTalk even if your friend is celebrating his birthday from a far you could send him a gift.
  • Games: KakaoTalk did not limit their capabilities in providing a means of communication to people but they have also added a feature that would also help the user push away boredom with games.

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Download Kakaotalk 5.2.1

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