Best Text Messaging Apps

Best Text Messaging Apps

With smartphone applications of all types taking the world by storm, the old-fashioned way of texting utilizing plan carrier’s balance is almost in the verge of disappearing. The market colorfully showcasing various texting apps, young as well as old people are ditching traditional texting for new-age communication methods! Keeping that in mind, in this informative piece, we take a look at four of the best text messaging apps in the world today.

Four Texting Apps Which Rule the World Today

Talking about text messaging apps, the most common word that comes to people’s minds, perhaps, is ‘WhatsApp’. With more than 200 million daily users filled with stories to share, emotions and words, the messaging app has changed the way we interact forever. Its group chat has the ability to let 30 people communicate at once, and allowing people to share audios as well as images, the app works by utilizing mobile number as one’s account identity, enabling a person to add profile picture and other details corresponding to the mobile number.

However, WhatsApp is only one part of the equation, because there are many who swear by Viber. With a feature of allowing up to 40 people to converse in a particular group, this fun app is mostly used by non-WhatsApp users. Featuring Facebook integration in some cases, the app is totally free to be benefitted from, allowing millions to text or call in exchange of nothing!

When it comes to best text messaging apps, Text Me is truly widely used as well. Having the ability to use emoticons and share location, most users find this app very engaging, and since it allows comfortable video calling sessions too in addition to regular calling, the appeal is furthermore enhanced. Besides, its fun credit system allows users to be playful when using it.

The last one in this article, but a very popular one regardless, is the Pinger text messaging application. Enabling a user to access voicemails, photos, texts and everything else associated with another user just by clicking the profile picture, this application has a crowd of its own. Allowing users to know the time of a message being seen by the receiver, this particular app takes things to a completely another level by providing users with new app numbers. People of more than 35 countries are welcome to use the app, and the experience is certainly unique.

All-in-all, the above apps are some of the best text messaging apps in the world and Kakao Talk will be here in the list this year. There are many other good apps too which are similar to the above four, and it is mostly a matter of preference over quality as to which user decides to choose which messenger in the long run.

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