Download Kakaotalk for Android

Download Kakaotalk for Android

Download Kakaotalk for Android smartphones and tablet devices. The South Korean, Kakao Talk based stock trading app, Kakao Stock, has announced the launch of crypto currency exchange through official statements of the owner company of the app, Dunamu Inc. Kakao Stock was founded back in 2014 based on South Korea’s most popular messaging app Kakao Talk allowing it to become the country’s top stock exchanging app in no time.

Kakao Stock allows its users to conduct real-time stock trading and stock quotes that are connected directly to all security companies whether they are located in South Korea or overseas without having to pay any extra transaction fees other than the original transaction fee.

The recently announced crypto currency exchange built has started since June 2017 and will only be available through the mobile app and it will handle a range of coins that are widely-traded like bitcoin and ether.

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Kakao Stock has a widely growing user base with a monthly base of users that exceeds 310 thousand active users who perform over $1.1 billion worth of transactions every single month ever since Kakao Stock was launched. The app achieved over 1.6 million downloads and has cumulative turnover of more than 20 trillion won which is approximately $18 billion.

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