Kakao Talk Starts Offering Opt-In Encryption after Recent Privacy Storm

Kakao Talk Starts Offering Opt-In Encryption after Recent Privacy Storm

A new end to end encryption feature is launched by Daum Kakao. It has recently merged with a Korean entity named as Kakao talk. This feature was introduced on chat apps after noticing controversy among user data. This company has introduced a new feature of ‘Secret Chat.’ Though android is most ruling in Korea now, it is landing on Android devices. And soon IOS will be next prey.

There are two ways to initiate new feature. First one is through using drop down menu presented inside chats and second way is simply using the specific button to launch a new feature.

Initially, it is only used for private conversations only. Later it was announced that it would also allow group chats in the upcoming year. It has also permitted to leave or join group chat or make your small tweak. And even once you leave a group you can prevent group members to add you again.

In Korea, more than 95% of smartphones have downloaded Kakao Talk. All over the world, almost 150 million users registered themselves. The dominance of Kakao was determined in Korea during October, when President, Park Geun-Hye tried to crack down chat apps from parent companies.

It enables more and more people to use this safe and sound way. During the time of an erupting increase by 1.5 million. It happens because of more focused security telegram ensuring people about privacy terms.

Once it happened that Daum Kakao guaranteed to introduce more steps for their users to secure their data and it also denied to leak personal information of their users. They took a step regarding Google –like transparency to dispatch all of the information appeals in Korea.

Kakao talk has secured their users by holding privacy storm. It is worthy enough to acknowledge people concerning the use of this safeguarding provider app.

Recently Whatsapp which is most leading messaging app made a partnership with WhisperSystem and introduced new encryption feature. On the other hand, the line has also introduced an opt-in feature in last July.



The Telegram has spread the influence of encryption all of the world, but it depends on users whether they will install opt-ins or not. This informatSECURIprivacyion is recently exposed by Edward Snowden NSA while keeping privacy terms in focus.

Whatsapp also took a move to introduce encryption standards in all chats. But Whisper Systems have also promised to familiarize new features while keeping demands of millions of active users in focus though it is not a child’s play.

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