Kakao Corporation increases its profit

Kakao Corporation increases its profit

The world of messaging app has never been more popular. Every day the innovative options appear on the market and we became confused by many things it offers. The messaging world is also a very good demonstrator how progress could be made with the hard work as well as with the concise plan for developing new features. Nowadays, we have the biggest companies in the smartphone and messaging industry and the regularity we observe is how people get stuck with the innovative opportunities.

In the mobile world of technology, Kakao talk is one of the apps available on the smartphone for communicating with people around the world. The company is the ownership of the South Korean Kakao corporation, the well-positioned company on the messaging market. The proof for this came with the reveal that company marked the increase in profit of $26 billion. The increase happened in the second half of the year boosting the profits of the company for more than 130% than in the previous year.

The success of the Kakao talk has to do with the latest activity od buying the music streaming service. Thie service we talk about is Loen Entertainments streaming which marked the profit of 190 billion. Another option on the Kakao talk which brought the profit is game content. This part of the app has brought the 50 % increase in the revenues. It is considered that the biggest role in this rise has the popularity of the game Black Desert in North America as well as the emoticons popularity. However, not all the aspect of Kakao talk app resulted in the profits. If we take a closer look at ad platform of the app, we can see the decrease of nearly 15% in the revenues. Overall,  the increasing effect was the stronger than the depressing one and app has generated good results in this year.


As for the other activities of the provider,we should mention the purchase of 76% of stakes in company Loen Entertainment. The transaction was evaluated at $1.9 million so the company has definitely marked some expenses in the same period. However, Kakao came on the market with some new inventions as Kakoo Taxi and Kakao driver options which became popular in a short period of time. Over the next period of time, the company will try to develop its services with regards to the mobile games and we can expect some surprises in the next years.

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