Kakao aims to be on the Lifestyle Platform

Kakao aims to be on the Lifestyle Platform

Kakao, the operator of the South Korean’s most famous mobile messaging app KakaoTalk, is tending to change itself and design an all-around platform which connects users with one another using the diverse services and businesses.

Kakao will make its mark in a new direction with a relocation of its “Plus Friends” technique – corporate accounts on KakaoTalk which allow the firms are sending the promotional messages to customers who add their accounts. In upcoming future, this feature will move beyond the one-directional marketing channel for companies and relocate itself as a comfortable navigating commerce platform for both consumers and companies.

In the coming week, the company uncovers the novel feature of KakaoTalk, which will allow its users to order food from any local food store brand by just tapping the button found on the brand’s “Plus Friends” chatroom. All the payments are done through Kakao’s easiest mobile payment method “Kakao Pay” along with the regular credit cards or cash. Users are given a notification about the delivery of food in real time through Kakao Talk messages.

As it seems to evolve the more tech-savvy services for local customers. The app has also set out to spend a large amount of money in artificial intelligence system formation, uniting the global internet system which is being directed towards this technology. The previous month, Kakao spend 20 billion in a research and development sector for creating a new spec, Kakao Brain, which is founded by Kakao’s owner Kim Beom-su. In this way, Kakao introduced a novel, cutting-edge property like an artificially intelligent system that can manage the complicated work, such as consumer queries, hotel booking, and online shopping support.

Kakao page, where users can independently see or buy the episodes of various online comics and books simply with the help of cash points. This page focuses on introducing an advertising plan that will give points to the users who take part in the company’s promotional campaign. By doing a task as needed by the company, the user gets the cash points which can be later used by him on the Kakao page.

Kakao Games will continue diversification of games which are released on its platform to increase the influence of app on the market. To catch the attraction of game players, it created the “KakaoTalk Game Star”, as a tab in the mobile app. It contains simple games which feature the KakaoTalk’s signature characters that can be run on the page directly.

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