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Kakao Talk’s game service reaches 550 million users

Kakao Games, the newly formed division of the South Korean giant messaging app Kakao Talk, has reached over 550 million registered users on its services and game portfolio earlier this November. The Kakao Group has also announced that it has

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Kakao Talk Starts Offering Opt-In Encryption after Recent Privacy Storm


A new end to end encryption feature is launched by Daum Kakao. It has recently merged with a Korean entity named as Kakao talk. This feature was introduced on chat apps after noticing controversy among user data. This company has

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Download KakaoTalk and use newest Plus Friends Feature


For KakaoTalk users who make use of the Plus Friends function on the popular app, they will soon has a new bit of information to discover. The service will be providing information about candidates who are running in South Korea’s

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Kakao aims to be on the Lifestyle Platform


Kakao, the operator of the South Korean’s most famous mobile messaging app KakaoTalk, is tending to change itself and design an all-around platform which connects users with one another using the diverse services and businesses. (6 raters, 20 scores, average:

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KakaoTalk Puts an end to Windows Phones Support


KakaoTalk is a popular Korean chat app that has recently declared that it will be putting an end to its Windows phone support. It is unfortunate that apps pulling the cord on all types of Windows phone support are more

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More than a Million Sign Ups for the new Kakao Talk Game Byul service


Kakao and Naver, the two most prominent providers of internet and mobile phone service, have teamed up in order to upgrade their SNS (social networking service) for embedded mobile games features. They have hopes that their partnership will garner more

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