More than a Million Sign Ups for the new Kakao Talk Game Byul service


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More than a Million Sign Ups for the new Kakao Talk Game Byul service


Kakao and Naver, the two most prominent providers of internet and mobile phone service, have teamed up in order to upgrade their SNS (social networking service) for embedded mobile games features. They have hopes that their partnership will garner more

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KakaoTalk introduced the “Secret Chat Mode” and Opt-In Encryption


User data controversy has recently brought about the introduction of a brand new end-to-end encryption feature for the Kakao Talk chat app. The company introduced the ‘secret chat mode‘ which made its way to Android devices first, with iOS devices

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Kakao Corporation increases its profit


The world of messaging app has never been more popular. Every day the innovative options appear on the market and we became confused by many things it offers. The messaging world is also a very good demonstrator how progress could

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Indecent Content at KakaoTalk Sends Shockwaves through IT Industry

The pornographic content prosecution at KakaoTalk has sent shockwaves all over the entire IT Industry, incorporating telecommunication companies, and internet firms. Rumors have it that this odd indictment is a form of a playback from nosy prosecutors. (13 raters, 45

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Download Kakao Talk 5.2.1 and enjoy new features and fixes


Download Kakao Talk 5.2.1; the latest version from Kakao Company. Let’s talk about the KakaoTalk world. At some point in our life there will be times that we need to be away from our loved ones that is why text

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KakaoTalk Messenger App adds Video Chatting Feature


Kakao has of recent added a video chat function to its KakaoTalk instant messaging app in a move that could out the attention of users away from Skype and Google’s Hangouts. It was stated by the company that the VideoCall

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